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English Stand-up Comedy Night

LLOL @ Bei Der Gare


(Cet événement n'a pas de description en français)
Bei der Gare is quickly becoming THE place in Luxembourg to see live stand-up comedy.

This time around, three acts from Germany and two local acts are sure to keep you laughing the entire time. Bring your friends, bring your cousins, hell, bring your Mom (she probably knows the Joseph Junck street) if you want to have an unforgettable comedy night for the ages.

Meet the comedians:

David Chi

An original ragamuffin, David is a regular at our open mics, always trying his best followed by intense bouts of crying. Raised in a stable, middle-class family in Luxembourg, he knows that life is tough and that comedy is his only way out of his ghetto banking career.

Elian Habra

All the way from the Middle East, Elian loves to share surprising and funny anecdotes with his Western audience. No need to run away, he never keeps a bomb on him. Elian's original storytelling is bound to keep the audience stuck to their seats.

Eva Meyer

Eva is a comedian from Frankfurt am Main who, in addition to performing, runs her own comedy shows at "Comedy im Hesseneck".

Marko Mijatović

Life is weird, people are weird, this dude is... normal. Join Marko as he tries to make sense of it all. He also talks about animals, a lot.



Brasserie Bei der Gare
8, rue Joseph Junck


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LLOL - Luxembourg Laughing Out Loud


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English Stand-up Comedy Night

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